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al hirschfeld self portrait
Art Manchester

Throughout Manchester, from the end of June through Labor Day, Art Manchester will be providing exhibition space to local artists. Art Manchester is a community project formed through the partnership between owners of retail space, Southern Vermont Arts Center, Cota and Cota, and Manchester Life Magazine…


manchester community library fireplace
Focus on Manchester Community Library

Libraries across the country are undergoing an evolution. No longer simply repositories for books, libraries are seeking out reinvention as a means to better serve a more multifaceted purpose in response to the changing cultural, demographic, and technological trends. Modernized libraries are needed now more than ever before…


itv fest vermont
Making it in Indie TV

Here’s the formula–extend an open invitation to thousands of television fans worldwide and ask a group of highly talented international and U.S. artists to screen their latest TV and short film projects, and then top that with a cadre of hard-to-get television executives. Put them all together in Manchester, Vermont…


walking in historic manchester village vermont
A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Historic Main Street in Manchester Village is the perfect after-dinner stroll when summer’s sunset is late in the evening or on those bright, foliage-glorious mornings in autumn. The entire district was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1980 because of its significance as an early 19th century New England resort, anchored by a fine hotel that “catered to the highest classes of society.”…