Letter From The Publisher

equinox hotel porch

Welcome to our debut publication of Manchester Life Magazine brought to you by Mountain Media, LLC., the proud publisher of Stratton Magazine.

History reveals that for more than a century Manchester, Vermont has been the go-to place as a retreat to escape the bustle of city living. According to the Manchester Historical Society, Manchester, truly “a pleasant land among the mountains,” has been home to generations of Vermonters since 1761 and a destination for travelers since the mid-1800s. Nestled in the Green Mountains, Manchester is easily accessible from New York, Boston, and Canada.

Our goal at Manchester Life Magazine is to present visitors with a glimpse into the history, beauty,and culture of our community. Through our editorial and photography on the following pages we walk you down one of the most historic American streets and present exquisite gardens nurtured by local homeowners and landscapers. We spotlight the Manchester Community Library, the epitome of a 21st-century community hub, as well as those who care for our cherished canines and equines.

Additionally, in these pages we detail a guide to recreational, music, theatre, shopping, and dining treasures for you to discover. To have all this information at your fingertips while exploring, we encourage you to download our Stratton and Manchester Area Guide app.

This year, two of our major cultural institutions will celebrate important anniversaries. Yester House at the Southern Vermont Arts Center will toast its 100th anniversary and the vision that has made it an important focus of regional artists across all mediums. The Dorset Theatre Festival will celebrate 40 years of theatre with a special performance by siblings Tim Daly and Tyne Daly who will be appearing on stage together for the first time. The Weston Playhouse continues its long tradition of summer entertainment and the Marble House Project presents new and innovative culinary, art, and performances into the autumn.

The Manchester Music Festival opens its 43rd season in July and welcomes new artistic director Adam Neiman, and the new Taconic Music will entertain and educate with its summer offerings.

Special every summer is the Vermont Summer Festival equestrian competition and premiering this year is the Manchester Food & Wine Classic and the Independent Television Festival (ITVFest).

We hope to entertain and inspire you during your time in our community as a welcome visitor, second homeowner, or full-time resident. Enjoy your stay and the magic that is Manchester life!


Marcia Lissak